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No longer ‘voiceless,’ Louisiana felons regain the right to vote


Forty-year-old Kiana Calloway doesn’t know what it feels like to cast a ballot. He does know, however, what it’s like to be wrongfully convicted of first-degree murder at 16 years old, to be tried as an adult, and to serve 17 years in prison. He also knows what it feels ...

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Suicide rates for black children twice that of white children, new data show


African American children are taking their lives at roughly twice the rate of their white counterparts, according to a new study that shows a widening gap between the two groups. The 2001-2015 data, published Monday in the journal JAMA Pediatrics, confirm a pattern first identified several years ago when researchers ...

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Doll Test: Guiding Black Children to the Black Doll

Kenneth Clark - doll test

Social Architect Dr. Cleo Manago discusses the Clark’s doll test from the 1940s and how the results aren’t much different in modern iterations of the same test. He continues the discussion about why black children choose white dolls over black dolls. Later iterations of this test appeared on major news ...

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The Bow Wow Challenge


By Duke Porter Confession. I never understood the whys as a Black Community we have decided to treat Bow Wow (Shad Moss) the way we do. But I was never really interested in stopping it either. Today I am. We talk mental health blah blah blah. And this man is ...

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Join us this weekend for Breaking Bread!


                                                You’re invited to attend the Breaking Bread project; taking place January 23rd – 24th in Atlanta, GA (580 Holderness Street, SW).    

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Breaking Bread Project


A central goal of Breaking Bread is education, affirmation, healing and legacy building, or nurturing it toward changing the tide or tendencies that keep leading the SGL and bisexual Black community – year after year, decade after decade, into not having much.  Not having “change or thrive infrastructure,” organizations and/or ...

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Anatomy of an HIV Negative Activist


I was never the cool kid when I was younger. I was either the personification of a homophobic slur or the lonely, pensive guy who everyone either loved or resented. But since I graduated high school more than a decade ago, I know that there has been a vast improvement ...

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Unsung Hollywood: Dreamers and Non-Believers


Meet two of the main characters in Car Wash, one who dreams beyond working at the Car Wash and the other who is not amused by the other employee’s silly games. Watch Unsung Hollywood Wednesdays 8/7c.

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Unsung: Xcape — Kandi Says the Group Was a “Movement”


Producer Jermaine Dupri wanted his new girl group Xcape to be like Jodeci but some of the members, like Kandi, weren’t quite ready for that. Watch Unsung on TV One.

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San Francisco keeps leading the fight against HIV


San Francisco – Since the 1980’s, San Francisco has been setting the model in the U.S. on how to fight against HIV. With the “Getting to Zero” initiative, the city expects to reduce both HIV infections and HIV deaths by 90 percent from the current levels, expecting to finish in 2020. Mayor Ed ...

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