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Our Mission

Founded in 1989 by behavioral health expert, cultural educator and social architect, Cleo Manago, the Black Men’s Xchange (BMX), is a human rights, educational, anti-oppression and advocacy organization. BMX is dedicated to dismantling barriers to the well-being; dignity; self-respect and protection; empowerment, responsive public-policy and the prevention of health threats among diverse males of African descent 19 ad up. The men we serve are diverse in class, age, philosophy, sexuality and self-concept. BMX-National is the largest and oldest National Black organization serving these populations in the United States and was the first such organization to be located geographically within Black communities.

As an organization for healing and empowerment, The Black Men’s Xchange conducts activities that promote a healthy self-concept, constructive decision making skills, cultural affirmation and critical consciousness among same gender loving (SGL), gay-identifying, non-gay identifying bisexual and heterosexual men of African descent. BMX affirms and educates Black Men while providing the tools for self-determination, community-building, responsibility, self-actualization, and the prevention of mental and physical health threats.