Wisconsin Republican Drops Out Of State Assembly Race Over ‘F*gs,’ ‘N***ers’ Remarks

A 19-year-old Wisconsin Republican running for state assembly dropped out of his race after admitting to using offensive language on social media.

On Sept. 11, Jacob Dorsey apologized for a “hurtful” tweet that said, “f*gs need 2 leave my favorite state alone.” He dropped out of the race Wednesday after admitting he’d used other offensive language while referencing black people and gay people in YouTube comments.

“I have decided to withdraw from the race due to insensitive remarks that have surfaced from years past,” Dorsey told the Janesville Gazette. “This race has been extremely hard on my family and myself.”

According to TPM, comments posted Dorsey included the quotes “f*ck Abraham Lincoln” and “N***ers trash cars. I’m not selling my town car to one…”

Dorsey was challenging Democratic state Rep. Deb Kolste. The Gazette reports Dorsey will remain on the ballot despite dropping out of the race.

Source: Huffington Post

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