Breaking Bread Project

A central goal of Breaking Bread is education, affirmation, healing and legacy building, or nurturing it toward changing the tide or tendencies that keep leading the SGL and bisexual Black community – year after year, decade after decade, into not having much.  Not having “change or thrive infrastructure,” organizations and/or safe affirming or healing spaces, leaders and leadership, and/or societal or Black community located social change opportunities, a presence, advocacy, unity and/or authority.
Breaking Bread Project (BBP) topics center on Black and SGL participant assessment of this community; historical and political knowledge; food and breaking bread together; addressing how SGL and bisexual people develop, and do or do not see each other; solutions to challenges faced, and methods and ideas to improve or advance this community.  Additionally, BBP is a process to discover existing and inspire new leadership and leadership-capacity.  Topic ideas are also generated from participant conversation and the Breaking Bread experience.

[box type=”shadow”]The “Breaking Bread” project will pay people to organize a 2 day “Breaking Bread” retreat in their local cities, and, if qualified (based on experience and leadership interest and capacity) to be trained to lead “Breaking Bread” sessions.[/box]

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